GHISS BROSS - Antidepressant Art

Sara and Simone Ghirlanda Brothers, creActive illustrActors, are a sister and brother team who share a passion for creativity in all its myriad forms. Their artistic training is a combination of their innate tendency to experiment and a wealth of professional experience spanning visual and performing arts. This double professional experience flows together in GHISS BROSS, an “Antidepressant art” project…it works better than Prozac! give form, colour and movement to their wildest fantasies through creative arguing, playing, undoing and dreaming… exactly what they did as children!
“We are not puzzled, but we make up a great puzzle!”sara e simone ghirlanda

Their research is based on playing and reinterpreting reality, all spiced up with irony, sarcasm and bright colours.
Their outlook on the world nonchalantly deals with current social issues: they believe that nowadays laughing and teasing oneself is more than vital.
Plunging into their works means entering a dreamlike and bizarre dimension, where fairy-tale-like shades and disorienting textures rule, on the edge of a lysergic dimension. The pair employs illustrations and graphic techniques, but their performance-installations include a much wider array of means of expression, which range from photography to comics, from the creation of props to the preparation of food and drinks as a vehicle for a synesthetic experience.

They take part in personal and group exhibitions in unconventional locations, often engaging with other forms of art (food, wine, books, music, theatre, dance ...) comparing, sharing and joining forces in order to pursue an ongoing inner enrichment.
They work as illustrators for the most prestigious Italian publishing firms (Giunti, Mondadori, DeAgostini, Raffaello, Capitello), they collaborate with associations that arrange workshops and shows (Mus-e, Ludorì, Stalker Teatro, AziendainScena), they work as colourists and designers in the in the recreational industry (Ferrero) and as model-makers in the architecture sector, building plastics and models.
They work as actors, performers, directors, art-directors, costume designers, choreographers and screenwriters… they even clean their dressing-rooms, if required!